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Cleansed (2020)

Y?*Y^^Y! (2019)

Not Letting It In (2016)

Name Drop (2018)


Whore (2014)

30 (2017) 32 (2019)

I Know It When I See It (2016)

Attemps On Her Life [or in Hebrew: Ann] (2015)

6 reasons to get the fuck out of here (2019)



exibithion performance pop-up underwear store



performance installation at the @mishkan_museum_of_art , Ein Harod ,September 2019

A stream of 500 site & moment specific questions, written on the museum floor in a state of improvisation on silver duck tape.

the installation remained in the entrance hall for 3 months, as part of an exhibition curated by @parasite_art_platform


“Gives hope that performance art is still alive and kicking” - PoSham mag

“No family dinner or hang with your closest friends can be compared to the exposure and honesty of this show” - Haaretz

“Not Letting It In” is a 7 hour, singular, improvised event that explores the art of confessions.In “Not Letting It In” performers from around the world, sit around a table and confess real autobiographical confessions. The “communal task” given to the performers is to create, along with the audience, a new zone, a temporary community, a haven ( or hell ? ) , a playground of no comment and no judgment. During the 7 hours the audience is welcome to join, leave and come back as they wish. In this spirit, the audience is welcome to confess as well.


[Premiere : Habait Theatre]

Name Drop is an event examining the moments in which music becomes the soundtrack of our lives - Or is music only the excuse?
Nine performers with a cache of defining moments tied inexorably, almost involuntarily, to music, attempt to bring into words the connection between the wound and its tune – whether that tune is Nina Simone, Charlie Megira, techno or Rachmaninov; whether its Spanish ballads or "Jerusalem of Gold", Inbal Perlmuter or Infected Mushroom.
Death and separation, love and disappointment, sex and personal crusades – all of our lives have soundtracks. Unique, singular, burned into our psyches, ungoverned and unequivocal. The journey of Name Drop is a verbalization of life – intimate, painful – through the music that has always been there, that suddenly pops up, that will always take us back. Like a scent from our childhood, like mother's cooking… 

Devised, written and directed by Jason Danino Holt

Moves, texts and souls :
Edu Turull
Michaela Elkin
Uri Shafir
Asher Rat
Maya Landsman
Shachar Netz
Yael Mor
Josh Woolford

Dramaturgy : Nataly Zukerman

Production : Omer Alsheich

Space : Uri Zamir

Lights and objects : Yair Vardi

Graphics : Matan Shalita

Bouncers : Omer Alsheich, Ran Leshem

קידום נתיב האמן ע"ר 580107977