Tour Dates

Thursday, September 7 — Congregation Beth El in South Orange, NJ @ 8:00pmSaturday

September 9 — Agudas Achim Congregation in Alexandria, VA @ 10:30amSaturday

September 9 — B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, MD @ 8:30pmTuesday

September 12 — Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, DC @ 7:00pmThursday

September 21 — Congregation Beth El in Bethesda, MD @ 7:30pm

Not Letting It In is an improvised, participatory theatrical event created by Jason Morris Danino Holt that explores the art of confession. Performers from around the world sit around a table and confess, facilitating honest conversations and meaningful catharsis. Audience members serve as witnesses and/or active participants as the process unfolds. Israeli newspaper Haaretz said: “No family dinner or hang with your closest friends can be compared to the exposure and honesty of [Jason’s] show.”

Teshuvah—the storied process of repenting, repairing, and returning to our pure form—often feels simple to understand, but difficult to embody. Year in and year out we say the magic words of Yom Kippur and then return to our daily lives as usual. How can the themes of the Days of Awe penetrate into our lives in a meaningful way, so that we truly feel the impact of the High Holy Days? How do we practice teshuvah in a way that influences our actions for the rest of the year?
BAMAH Arts invites you to join artists Jason Morris Danino Holt, Rami Schwartzer, Hana Vazana Grunwald, and Nemuna Ceesay for an interactive, cutting-edge experience that combines performance art, spiritual exercise, and immersive learning to take the concept of teshuvah from abstract idea to intentional practice.


An immersive theatrical journey that unleashes the power of confession

״Gives hope that performance art is still alive and kicking” POSHAM MAGAZINE

In this audacious performance, a global ensemble converges around an intimate table, sharing hidden truths about their lives. Together, they ignite a transformative exploration where, gradually, a communal task unfurls: an invitation for the audience to engage with the evolving narrative. The show’s duration ranges from 2 hours (the intimate studio version) to a 24-hour marathon!

“No family dinner or hang with your closest friends could be compared to the exposure and honesty of this show” (Haaretz)

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