“Gives hope that performance art is still alive and kicking” - PoSham mag

“No family dinner or hang with your closest friends can be compared to the exposure and honesty of this show” - Haaretz

**"Not Letting It In": Where Truth Takes Center Stage**

Prepare for an unapologetic dive into vulnerability with "Not Letting It In," an immersive theatrical journey that unleashes the power of confession.

In this audacious performance, a global ensemble converges around an intimate table, sharing hidden truths of their lives. Together, they ignite a transformative exploration where, gradually, a communal task unfurls: an invitation for the audience to be a part of the dynamic narrative. The show’s dynamic in its length - and varies from 2 hours (the intimate studio version) to a marathon of 24 hours!

**Acclaim for "Not Letting It In":**

✦ "An Echo of Contemporary Performance Art" - PoSham Magazine

✦ "Unfiltered Honesty: A Revelation of Unprecedented Depth" - Haaretz

From Tel Aviv's vibrant embrace, "Not Letting It In" has crossed continents and performed in festivals and surprising locations in Germany, Paris, Athens, and the US - evolving with each stop.

Creator: Jason Danino Holt

Dramaturg: Natalie Zukerman | Light: Yair Vardi | Producer: Omer alsheich

Cast 2020-2023: Zohar Miedan, Hanna Vazana, Guy Gurevitz, Orit Mamrud, Yossi Yarom, Hanna Vazana, Natalie Zukerman, Maayan Even, Naama Schahar, Schahar Netz, Yael Mor, Uri Blufarb, Yuval Getruir, Gal Chapski, Eliezer Sadiel, Jason Danino Holt

קידום נתיב האמן ע"ר 580107977