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Jason Morris Danino Holt

Date of birth: 17.01.1987

British father - MoroccanCanadian mother - Born and raised in Tel Aviv

Multidisciplinary artist and cultural entrepreneur:

playwright, theatre director, documentary filmmaker, video photographer and editor, performer, translator (English to Hebrew) and teacher.

2012 till present - Founder of Jason Morris Danino Holt Company - Tel aviv based indie theatre group (עמותת קידום נתיב האמן)

2016 till present  - Artistic director of HABAIT Theatre Tel Aviv


Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design - MFA in Fine Arts  - 2019- till present  

Nissan Nativ Acting Studio Tel Aviv  2007-2010

Thelma Yellin arts high school - theatre department 2001-2005

Awards grants fellowship programs

Fellow of Cité Des Arts Paris - Literature department - Paris (2019)

Fellow of Asylum Arts International Jewish Artist Retreat - New York City (2018)

Fellow of The Festival Academy -  Atelier For Young Artistic Directors - Shanghai, China (2017)

Fellow at ALMA - Home For Hebrew Culture - fellowship program  (2017)

Fellow of the Akademie Der Kunste (Academy Of The Arts) - Berlin (2017)

Winner of the Rozenblum prize for best young artist 2016 **

Winner for short story at Haaretz competition 2019

National Lottery grant  for international presentations of HE CAME TO BERLIN TO DIE  2017 National Lottery grant development of Not Letting It In 2015TLVmedia fest awards for best actor and actress (Jason Danino Holt and Evelin Hagoel) for WHORE 2015

Starting Point scholarship for innovative writing with the play WHORE 2014

Israel Fringe Awards for Best actress, Best Supporting actress , Best costume Design for Oedipalit 2013

Major Projects -

“Cleansed - By Sarah Kane” - 2020

Exhibition \ performance \ pop-up underwear store 

Premiere: Indie Gallery

“6 reasons to get the fuck out of here” - 2020

Premiere : Nissan Nativ Tel Aviv academy of the arts

“Out Of Love” - 2019

A deliberately offensive rap concert

Premiere:  MedFest 2019 - Turkey

“Y?Y?Y” - 2019

An installation + performance on the art of question asking

Premiere : Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod


A video-Poem

Premiere : Habait Theatre

“30(two)” - 2019

a sad(ish) preformative birthday highschool reunion event

Premiere : Habait Theatre


Dance duet with Tom Wienberger.

Premiere : Habait Theatre


Series of presentations :

Trunk Poems - AGORA exhibition- Akademie Der Künste BERLIN


We came to berlin to die - workshop at B-TOUR Festival for participatory art - Berlin

“30” - 2017

a sad(ish) preformative birthday highschool reunion event

Premiere : Habait Theatre

“Name Drop” - 2017

a devised quest towards how one’s soundtrack is created.

Premiere : Habait Theatre

“I Know It When I See It - a contemporary musical reaction to porn” - 2016

Premiere : Kampnagel international Summer Festival - Germany

“לילהLayla” - 2016

a devised requiem on Tel Aviv’s nightlife

Premiere : Habait Theatre

“Not Letting It In” - 2015

A confessional durational theatrical event

Premiere : Umami Home Studio

Major performances : Akademie Der Künste- Berlin Radikal Jung Festival - Munich  The Israel Museum Of Design Tel Aviv National Library Topics Book Store - Berlin.

“ Attempts On Her Life” - 2015

playwright: Martin Crimp.

Premiere : Nissan Nativ Tel Aviv academy of the arts

Nominated best Fringe TLV 2015

“Whore“ - 2014  - a contemporary southern Tel-AvivGreek tragedy.

Premiere :  Nachmani 4 Theatre TLV

winner of the “ starting point “ scholarship for innovative writing

Translated to German (Gehäutet) by Gundula Schiffer, comissened by the Akademie Der Kunste - Belin

Major performances :

STOFF fringe festival Stockholm

Translation and staged reading at the behest of the Akademie Der Kunste- Berlin. (Gehäutet, translated to German by Gundula Schiffer)

״the woman i could have been” - 2013     

Premiere : IntimaDance festival , Tmuna Theatre 

״Queen - an X-rated PoP fairytail” - 2013

Premiere : Nissan Nativ tel aviv academy of the arts

״Oedipalit -an homage to Pedro Almodovar based on the Oedipus myth” - 2012

Premiere : Tzavta Theatre TLV , shows : Nachmani 4 Theatre TLV

winner fring prizes 2013 : Best actress, Best Supporting actress , Best costume Design

״Heart - a play in four rooms” 2011

Premiere : Acco Fringe Festival.

winner for best lighting

Shows : Tmuna Theatre TLV       

“Lady Twisted - a sketch of a play inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth״  2010

Premiere : Israel Festival, shows : Tmuna Theatre TLV 

2010 “ Till Death Kills You“

Playwright : Natalie Cohen Vaxberg

Premiere : Acco Fringe Festival  shows : Hasimta Theatre

Documentary Filmmaking 

2010  “Shanti & Martin “

A documentary filmed and edited by Danino Holt - about his relationship with his mother that moved to a hut in Sinai beaches.

Premiere : Doc-Aviv Festival , Satellite Broadcast 

2012 participant in the Docu-Drama Television format “Connected”

broadcasted on channel 3 , cable TV

Artistic Direction

Major Projects invented and led as artistic director of HABAIT theatre Tel Aviv :

- creator and artistic director of “The Poles Are Coming” -

An international residency program in tel aviv (2017 - Poland) 

- creator and artistic director of FOMO festival - multidisciplinary performance festival for live broadcast online

- creator and artistic director of HABAIT theatre’s HOMEGROWN INCUBATOR residency program

2015 - founder and curator at Ben Avigodor - a home studio for welcoming arts

2015 - founder and curator at HASHMALIT - collective space of creative get togethers. 

Acting and Performance

2016 “the conversation piece” - Tmuna Ensemble. Creator : Yair Vardi

2014 - “ Lost Paradise “ - winner best show at the Acco Fringe Festival. Creator : Lilach Dekel Avneri 

2012 - “An Enemy of the People “ - Beer Sheva theatre. Director: Nir Erez.

2012 - “ when the ship sinks “ - Tzavta Theatre. Director : Daniela Michaeli. 

2013 - “ Almost Human “ Curtain Up Dance Premieres Festival.  Choreographer: Idan Yoav


2019 - workshops at Territoria Festival - Moscoe, Russia

2013- present  - Nissan Nativ Acting Studio Tel Aviv -  classes in “devised methods of acting and autobiographical tools for theatre making” resulting projects such as : Queen Malka, Attempts On Her Life, What are these ones talking about when they talk about love, In My Eyes

2014-2016 - “Up Stage” - a youth program for contemporary theatre (alongside the dramaturge Yael Citron)

TV presenting

״the tube״ - a daily show about tech new - english language on - i24 news (2014-2017)

״switched on״ - MTV Europe (2008-2009)

numerous shows on israeli television ( channels 3, 10 , 22 )

Translation (English To Hebrew)

4.48 psychosis - Sarah Kane

Cleansed - Sarah Kane

Attempts On her Life - Martin Crimp

Berlin Is Not Yours - alejandro Moreno

San Diego - Daniel Craig

**Winner of the Rozenblum prize for best young artist 2016.

From the Jury’s remarks : “Jason Danino Holt is a young, ambitious and extraordinary artist who has forged a surprising and fascinating path from television stardom to his emergence as a committed artist who possesses a unique, provocative and subversive voice.” “Jason Danino Holt writes and directs most of his works, through which he seeks to stretch the boundaries of theatre and create an alternate theatrical-poetic world, which offers the audience a new inclusive and stirring viewing experience.” “Danino Holt deals in extreme scenarios, which threaten and imperil the supposedly placid and comfortable life of his characters. He uses art to examine, challenge and struggle against that life. Danino Holt’s unique style is based on a dense aesthetic, which produces a wildly carnivalesque result – at once attractive and repulsive, superficial and philosophical, pleasurable and disquieting. Building upon the principles of post-dramatic and performance theatre, Danino Holt creates a visual and auditory experience of shifting images and situations featuring broken and fragmented narratives and characters, often occurring simultaneously and overloading the senses. The viewers are required to actively search for the performance’s organizing principles and its relevance to their own world. Jason Danino Holt’s semi-cinematic direction is based on the creation of a constant dissonance between the work’s various composite parts, while engaging in a brave dialogue with his personal biography and incorporating fragments of local and global culture with which he is acutely familiar, thanks to his extensive knowledge in theatre, music, dance and literature – classical and contemporary alike.” “In his works Danino Holt seeks to challenge contemporary society, with its culture of exhibitionism, branding and empty role models, that cannot ultimately dispel alienation, loneliness and violence. For these reasons the jury has elected to present Jason Danino Holt with the 2016 Rosenblum Prize for Promising Young Artist.”

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