Jason (Morris) Danino Holt



Winner of Rozenblum prize 2016 - From the jury’s remarks:

“Jason Danino Holt is a young, ambitious and extraordinary artist who has forged a surprising and fascinating path from television stardom to his emergence as a committed artist who possesses a unique, provocative and subversive voice.” “Jason Danino Holt writes and directs most of his works, through which he seeks to stretch the boundaries of theatre and create an alternate theatrical-poetic world, which offers the audience a new inclusive and stirring viewing experience.” “Danino Holt deals in extreme scenarios, which threaten and imperil the supposedly placid and comfortable life of his characters. He uses art to examine, challenge and struggle against that life. Danino Holt’s unique style is based on a dense aesthetic, which produces a wildly carnivalesque result – at once attractive and repulsive, superficial and philosophical, pleasurable and disquieting. Building upon the principles of post-dramatic and performance theatre, Danino Holt creates a visual and auditory experience of shifting images and situations featuring broken and fragmented narratives and characters, often occurring simultaneously and overloading the senses. The viewers are required to actively search for the performance’s organizing principles and its relevance to their own world. Jason Danino Holt’s semi-cinematic direction is based on the creation of a constant dissonance between the work’s various composite parts, while engaging in a brave dialogue with his personal biography and incorporating fragments of local and global culture with which he is acutely familiar, thanks to his extensive knowledge in theatre, music, dance and literature – classical and contemporary alike.” “In his works Danino Holt seeks to challenge contemporary society, with its culture of exhibitionism, branding and empty role models, that cannot ultimately dispel alienation, loneliness and violence. For these reasons the jury has elected to present Jason Danino Holt with the 2016 Rosenblum Prize for Promising Young Artist.”

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